Why George Takei resents the NuTrek Sulu being gay.

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies' started by Overmind One, Jul 8, 2016.

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    JJ Abrams and Co has decided to make Hikaru Sulu come out as gay in Star Trek :Beyond.



    :facepalm: JJ Abrams does not get Star Trek for one simple reason: his focus is on CHARACTERS and PEOPLE instead of CONCEPT and SCIENCE. Star Trek never needed to reboot the original characters from TOS. Star Trek was never centered around the characters. It was always about the Trek across the stars, the science and the journeys. It's foundations in the Federation and the battles and politics between factions. That is why there could be a Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. All different characters and new crews. Deep Space Nine took place on a Cardassian space station, and yet was quintessentially Star Trek.

    Star Wars is all about the characters. Every nuance, every word and action happens because of an individual character in Star Wars. The handful of individuals carries the entire saga from the original movie to the prequels to the latest Star Wars movies. It's simple and easy. Star Trek is not so easy. It is NOT about only the characters. The new Star Trek series coming out on CBS All Access wont have a Kirk or a Spock, and it does not need them. But we shall see.

    So, why is it a bad thing that NuSulu is gay? Why does George Takei disapprove? It's because Hikaru Sulu is STRAIGHT. Only George Takei is gay, and this twist for NuSulu is meant to be a tribute to George Takei and ignores the concept and persona of Hikaru Sulu. Once again, JJ Abrams and Co have focused on individuals and not concept, and that is why NuTrek will never get it right.
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    I had to agree with George here. If they wanted to have a gay character in the film create a new character. The alt universe plot can only go so far in justifying changes to the story and they consistently have gone farther than the timeline change created by Nero and the Narada can justify.

    For example, having Kirk's character be different because his father died much earlier than in the prime universe was okay because it was a logical output of the timeline change. But (for example) changing the characters of Spock and Chekov like they did is not, because such changes cannot trace to the events of Nero.
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    Just the existence of this NuSpock is a travesty. They retconned his backstory as well as killed off Vulcan which means that there are no real Vulcans around we can see which are displaying classic Vulcan logic. They ruined Uhura by making her main concern Spock instead of communications and languages. And yeah, what you pointed out about Chekhov. Even the Enterprise itself is wrong because it is more than twice the size of the original. It's even bigger than Excelsior!
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