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Google deserves it's own forum here. It has taken me literally years to finally get what they are trying to do with their product, because they are simply putting the product elements on the table and hoping you will take the time to sample all of the delicious little plates of goodies and help them to see what people like and will use on a regular basis so that it can be monetized later. But this is not a malicious act! Google truly wants it to be a win/win.

Let me start by saying that I have been a paying Google Apps for Business user for several years now. I pay about $5.00/mo for one user, and strangely enough, Google sometimes refunds me half of that at random times, charging me only about $2.50. I'm not complaining!

For that, I get a complete browser based Office (Docs, Sheets, Slides), and a cloud based 30GB hard drive (Google Drive). I can use 100% of this from my phone, tablet, or any computer that can run a Google web browser, no matter if it is a Mac, Linux or anything in-between. And you can do pretty much anything you can do in MS Office, and even save your Docs in Word format, Sheets in Excel format and Slides in Powerpoint format. You can also upload documents in those formats and edit them in full 100% compatibility online and then save them back to your hard drive or in your Google Drive space. It is all really quite seamless.

Then, there is also Gmail which...

If they keep the same mood and feel that the first film had this could be good.
Carrie Fisher who is most famous for playing Princess leia in Star Wars is dead at age 60. She was flying to Los Angeles from London, and had a heart attack and never recovered.


If any characters in any film could never be replaced by another, Princess Leia was one of them. You will be missed Carrie Fisher, may the Force be with you!
Okay, I have gone to the theater and, in a rather more crowded theater that I expected, seen Star Trek Beyond. I am going to try to present my thought here is a semi-organized manner.

What Star Trek Beyond got right (lead with the positive):

First, it is a MUCH more coherent and logical story than its predecessor (Star Trek Into Darkness). For once, it was not an Earth centered story and never involved a threat to Earth. It also did not have unexplained story elements and did not feel like an episode of Lost. The story is pretty straightforward and unfolds logically. It has a couple of surprise revelations as it goes on but NONE of them are the kind of nonsensical name dropping (like Khan) that sank Into Darkness – here they make sense in the context of the story.

Second, I liked the much reduced amount of “fan callbacks”. Really there was just a very well played small tribute to the passing of Leonard Nimoy in the form of having Spock Prime pass away, and two or three minor name drops of alien races that had been encountered in the past.

Third, the portrayals by the cast this time out were WAY improved. The characters felt more like their actual Trek counterparts than really they have in any of these films. In particular, Kirk came off as much more mature and was believable as a Captain. Also Spock was much more Vulcan like this time out, and Bones as usual was so on it was spooky (Karl Urban has managed in all three films to feel like he was channeling DeForrest Kelley). Sulu was Sulu. Uhura and Chekov I will speak about later.

Fourth, this movie actually felt more like a Trek series two-parter than any of the Trek films. It had the quiet moments, which to me were where it did the best, and the alien girl they encounter is played well and she was a highlight of the film (and no, she did not hook up with Kirk).

I think this is the place to talk about the motorbike, and by extension the USS Franklin. The motorbike was aboard the Franklin, which was...
So I thought I dedicate a thread towards the new series. New news just came out of how the Starship might look like. I for one don't like the color. I can't view the video because the video is blocked here

It's called the USS Discovery - NCC-1031

Also worth noting
- See more at:

Okay this looks extremely low budget. Is this a fucking joke? This looks like a fanmade budget production. I have seen better CGI with the fanmade films than this.
JJ Abrams and Co has decided to make Hikaru Sulu come out as gay in Star Trek :Beyond.

:facepalm: JJ Abrams does not get Star Trek for one simple reason: his focus is on CHARACTERS and PEOPLE instead of CONCEPT and SCIENCE. Star Trek never needed to reboot the original characters from TOS. Star Trek was never centered around the characters. It was always about the Trek across the stars, the science and the journeys. It's foundations in the Federation and the battles and politics between factions. That is why there could be a Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. All different characters and new crews. Deep Space Nine took place on a Cardassian space station, and yet was quintessentially Star Trek.

Star Wars is all about the characters. Every nuance, every word and action happens because of an individual character in Star Wars. The handful of individuals carries the entire saga from the original movie to the prequels to the latest Star Wars movies. It's simple and easy. Star Trek is not so easy. It is NOT about only the characters. The new Star Trek series coming out on CBS All Access wont have a Kirk or a Spock, and it does not need them. But we shall see.

So, why is it a bad thing that NuSulu is gay? Why does George Takei disapprove? It's because Hikaru Sulu is STRAIGHT. Only George Takei is gay, and this twist for NuSulu is meant to be a tribute to George Takei and ignores the concept and persona of Hikaru Sulu. Once again, JJ Abrams and Co have focused...

10 episode series order with Zack Estrin as the showrunner. Normally I would be cynical in my prediction for this but it's being done by Netflix so who knows how it will turn out. I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle the character of Dr. Smith. He was such a campy, mincing queen that anything less will be a let down. :icon_lol:
DVR'd the 'first look' ep for S3 last night
Premiere Ep airs 12 June

it was basically most of the first episode with more commercials

we will see the NJ at Vietnam, new strongman in China, Japanese thugs (or maybe govt operators?) and a possibly mutated virus

bad things-far more shipping situations, another 'ho hum' capture of crewmembers and the inclusion of more 'governmental issues'

hopefully the season will be good though
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