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Discussion in 'Star Trek Series' started by Chevron Atlantis, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Chevron Atlantis

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    Great series, probably the best. Despite having a few boring characters like Troi, Troi's mother, and some of worf episodes were outright boring. Some quotes by picard are awesome. TNG premiered 30 years ago on the 28th September. These quotes are so inspirational.

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  2. PussyGalore

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    TNG was a quality show the likes of which we don't see often these days. Sure some episodes were clunkers but the overall production was great. Patrick Stewart was an amazing choice to play Picard. Without him in that role I'm not sure the show would have been as good.
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  3. Lord Ba'al

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    Indeed. Patrick Stewart carried the show.
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