STAR WARS REBELS.Season 4 trailer

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  1. yongjin02

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    Season 4 seems to be the last season

    trailer released today

    IMO REBELS is much better then EP 7 and this trailer looks promising and more interesting then Episode 8! (yes i know the ep 8 trailer was just a teaser)

    rumor has it Ashoka Tano will make her return. I am hoping for no open ending for any of the characters UNLESS it leads to something to do with them in the new movies

    also strongly hinted at during the SW's celebration today was that there is a reason Cpt Rex has a beard. the theory has been around for awhile and today show runner Dave Filoni hinted that he just may be making that theory be true

    this was done by showing a pic of Rex in Rebel camo, and his remarks that Rex's future may include a role in a rebel commando unit

    Remember that real quick sequence of rebel troops on endor and the old gray bearded Rebel in that group? Well, seems that REBELS TPTB's have had on mind to retcon/backstory that guy to be CPT Rex.


    guess will have to wait and see what happens
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    From what I understand several of the main characters bite the dust in this (final?) season. I suspect Kanan dies. Not sure what happens to Ezra though. Clearly he's off the table as Luke becomes the main Jedi going forward. And I think Hera and/or Sabine are in the battle in Rogue One, so that would mean they live that long at least.

    This is all just speculation and not actual spoilers.
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  3. yongjin02

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    it is set to be the final season

    there is a bit of fan spec about the future of Ezra

    some think the Benicio Del Toro character-so far simply released as "DJ" in some places and mysteriously simply not listed with a character name in other on line references to Del Toro's character - could very well be a future Ezra

    older and now a person neither sith nor jedi but hating both the republic and the first order taking his cue from the latter Maul as played in REBELS. no side-just a person seeking revenge

    maybe Kanan will become force ghost? or maybe he'll just die or go off into obscurity

    and then there is the other fan theory that Ezra and Sabine get together and Rey is the daughter

    i subscribe to no fan theories, I just watch it play out :) .... though I do find many of the theories to be imaginative and can be fun to hear/read about with their reasoning and logic they use

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