Star Trek Continues E08 - Still Treads the Shadow

Discussion in 'Sci Fi / Fantasy' started by Joelist, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Joelist

    Joelist I'm showing this for a reason! Staff Member

    Here it is!

    Once I get to see it completely I can comment more.
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  2. Overmind One

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    This was an EXCELLENT episode. Such good writing! I won't post spoilers just yet. :) The characters are now polished to the degree that they are EASILY on par (or in the case of Uhura and Scotty) even superior to their originals. McCoy has vastly improved as have Spock, Chekhov and Sulu. The production values are hands down far superior to the original series. There has been extensive use of LEDs to enhance the various lights on the displays and on the set. They make everything look noticeably updated. They have even thrown in some new science for those who were listening. A reference to the ship getting bombarded by Hawking Radiation was one of the references. At the time of TOS, Hawking Radiation had not been discovered/invented yet. They are using the tractor beam effects from all the other Star Trek series in this. TOS never showed us an actual tractor beam (the blue beam). The resolution is far beyond the film version used for the series.

    The episode was particularly good Star Trek storytelling. A great installment!

  3. Joelist

    Joelist I'm showing this for a reason! Staff Member

    I also enjoyed this episode.

    I liked that after the previous two episodes having simpler stories this time they went in for a more complex, hard sci-fi story. It also managed to be a logical continuation of "The Tholian Web" without disrupting any of the Mirror Universe canon.

    I likewise agree that the case has melded nicely and you can tell that with a stable cast they have managed to capture a sense of cameraderie. No weak performances either.

    Nice work.
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