Rogue One - Official Teaser Trailer

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  1. Overmind One

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    Here is the Rogue One Official Teaser Trailer. It looks most definitely Star Wars, but the casting and feel is very Twilight-ish IMO.

    For those who do not already know, Rogue One slots in between Episode III and Episode IV, and in the trailer we see the parabolic lens being installed on the Death Star (the one destroyed in Episode IV). There is the new look from The Force Awakens, and also a whole new set of characters. This is the Star Wars timeline:

  2. Bluce Ree

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    Yeah. After the watered down "A New Hope" remake (aka The Force Awakens), I'm gonna pass.
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  3. EvilSpaceAlien

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    Yeah, I'm not getting any Twillight-vibes from this at all, most importantly there's no hint of some poorly written romance being at the centre of things. At a stretch there's possibly some Hunger Games-vibes, but only in that they're both vaguely action-oriented films with female 20-something main characters. Otherwise this trailer didn't do much for me, though it's just a teaser trailer so I wasn't expecting anything big.
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