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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by heisenberg, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. heisenberg

    heisenberg Earl Grey Staff Member

    So I decided I had enough of my current shitty job. I had enough of how I was bullied from management, so I handed in my resignation. If you are a human being out there, no matter how life maybe bitchy, I do not recommend anyone work near a fucking phone. It will drive you insane. DO NOT do call centre shit. Do not tolerate your asshat boss who has zero human emotion.

    A call centre environment will kill you inside, and you'll start to hate the people around you. You'll suffer from insomnia, you'll start to loose muscle mass. You'll hate the stuff you once used to like doing. Your anxiety will take over and fear will call the shots.

    Rather than investing for other's sake, invest in yourself.
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  2. Overmind One

    Overmind One GateFans Gatemaster Staff Member

    I am so glad you did this heisenberg! The private conversations we have had over this were making me want to urge you to quit, but I did not want to feel like I would be responsible for anything which might have happened if I did that.

    Happiness is more important than ANYTHING. In my post-50 era, I realized just how much happiness affects long term physical and mental health. Unhappy people become unhealthy people. And greedy people will NEVER care about how they acquire their wealth. They will wring the life out of anyone, and they will never understand the concept of happiness and compassion because none of those things can be deposited in a bank to earn compound interest. Good for you!

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  3. Lord Ba'al

    Lord Ba'al GateFans Member

    I've been working in call centres for the past three years. While I don't agree with the entire assessment, as all campaigns are different, the work in general is not fun. It is also completely pointless as far as a career is concerned. Although you do acquire skills that could be useful in other positions. If I had the choice though, I wouldn't be working in a call centre.
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  4. heisenberg

    heisenberg Earl Grey Staff Member

    Please elaborate. All call centres have a toxic culture environment. To them, it's all about stats.You follow a monotonous routine. You turn into a drone a robot. Management does not care about you. That constant phone ringing drove me mad.
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