now this is kind of cool-PLUTO TV

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yongjin02, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. yongjin02

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    totally free
    I have found no "hook" yet

    live tv and on demand movies and tv

    on roku and other services

    nothing premium mind you-but a lot of 'cant find anything else to do on this rainy/snowy day, kind of stuff

    a lot of 'trash channels' like wrestling, a lot of sports- i dont watch sports

    a bunch of news channels--to include the onion!!-- sky news, nbc, others

    some science channels, like NASA ,etc

    some sci fi and classic horror channels

    and a bunch of music channels (not MTV!!)

    i figured there would be some catch, but no, its free, and their guide is awesome! i wish hulu, netflix, psvue, etc ALL had guides this simple and informative at the same time

    sorry, US only :( :(
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  2. Overmind One

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    I like it! It's worthy of a place in my free streaming sites bookmarks folder. :) I just do not see a need to up my costs for streaming. I settled on Amazon Prime as my keeper, and dumped Hulu after my trial was up. I may take my next 30-day Netflix trial eventually, but I am not staying with them.
  3. yongjin02

    yongjin02 Well Known GateFan

    how do you think it IS being paid for?

    granted, i haven't watched that much of it yet, but i have not yet seen one commercial.....

    also like the eccentricity of it

    some standard channels. like news and entertainment, then stuff like IGN and NASA and the 'chill out' channel. i was watching that yesterday, it was uniterrupted by commercial or dialog-visuals and geographic relative music

    the session i watched was on the himalayan cultures and music from that region

    i think -that channel at least- is also broadcast in 4K?

    all of this streaming stuff is moving fast!

    i dont see how any traditional--whatever that means now-- cable or sat services can stay in competition for much longer
    maybe with elderly who dont what change,etc....

    i wonder just how much ROKU getting an IPO has increased their capacity? that is , more higher quality streamers for free or cheap?

    i occasionally browse the "latest channel" spot on roku home page. usually, it is just some bogus game or screensaver stuff or some expensive niche old movie site

    since the IPO, they have really added some good stuff. even more korean channels for my wife

    they even have a 'roku channel' with rotating newer movies on it, for free

    hmmm, how long before roku starts making their own content? of course, that could go badly (ex: so much of netflix's originals)
  4. yongjin02

    yongjin02 Well Known GateFan

    ps-- i am sure that stuff like apple tv etc is also going as good as ROKU? i would think so...of course i am partial to roku since i have had it for so long :)

    before it was a useful 'also have'. now it is the main source
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