Modern day Nikola Tesla?

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  1. Maximum7

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    Tesla was one of the most brilliant scientists of all time. He was a visionary and was probably close to creating wireless electricity. If Tesla lived today, what 25 things do you think he could invent?
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  2. Overmind One

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    Deja vu here...:) Last time you came, you asked one of the same questions and then two days later a similar idea was announced in the media (magnetized rail cars to shuttle cars over a light rail line underground or on existing rails). So, in the interest of fair play, here are 25 (#6 is a serious suggestion, but I consider it a freebie because I want somebody to do it):

    1. A phone app that controls a mini skin drone that pops pimples remotely. A camera is on the little drone!
    2. In-seat toilets for self-driving cars.
    3. Miniature desk-to-air micro missiles that home in on the sound of buzzing insect wings.
    4. Miniaturized air conditioners that can be sewn into clothing, and are solid state and wash friendly.
    5. Holographic halloween masks.
    6. A Tesla branded smartphone that also has infrared imaging capability (which also gives it night vision), has a sonar range finder (and also a laser one), and a heartbeat monitor which can be used with the phone in the case.
    7. A micro HD camera that can be tossed into a women's or men's locker room, under a dress (or inside some boxer shorts).
    8. A fart intensity monitor. Keeps track of how many and how stinky they are.
    9. A paint drying monitor. It literally watches paint dry.
    10. A remotely operated pair of undies for men which has built in fingers to adjust the boys when they need it. Makes you have to touch there less.
    11. An automatic shaving arm that is built into a wall (related to #12)
    12. A robotic barber. Has hundreds of styles stored, and you can ask for a style and your Barber robot will cut your hair in desired style.
    13. A Tesla can opener. It uses a laser instead of a blade.
    14. A solar powered vibrator.
    15. Self making beds.
    16. Laundry drone that takes the laundry to the machines, retrieves it and folds it and puts it away.
    17. Self regenerating litterbox.
    18. Phasers
    19. Color changing car panels. They can change the car color to any color by selecting it on a color wheel on a screen in the car.
    20. A time machine
    21. A perpetual motion engine
    22. AI Day Trader
    23. Self-riding bicycles.
    24. A stargate.
    25. Warp Drive.
    How's that? :shep_lol:
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  3. yongjin02

    yongjin02 Well Known GateFan

    a lot of those things sound like stuff the "as seen on tv" ppl may be working on!

    love their tenacity; out of about every 20 products they have about 1 useful thing that doesn't break

    my fav so far were these, still have about 4 in the house in closets and places you wouldn't use a breakable bulb:

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  4. yongjin02

    yongjin02 Well Known GateFan

    i want to see a built in car app that works like a anti radar missile of a sort

    one that tunes into police speed radar guns and then fires a small steel rod that locks onto their radar and then, when within a few feet, switches to heat seek and smashes the engine block

    its a dream, I know! i haven't gotten a speeding ticket in a long time, but in the past, a device like that would have been very handy :)
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  5. PussyGalore

    PussyGalore Kiss mah grits!

    Who knows what Tesla would come up with now. He was pretty out-of-the-box with his ideas. Whatever he came up with would be cool no doubt.
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  6. yongjin02

    yongjin02 Well Known GateFan

    definitely he would be focusing on communication stones, ala SGU!

    seriously though, I would guess he would be working on either alternate energy production expanding on his ideas, OR space habitation and exploitation = near earth endeavors like asteroid mining or moon ops

    or both or more
  7. Overmind One

    Overmind One GateFans Gatemaster Staff Member

    He is the most important visionary to live in modern times.
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