Jumanji 2 Welcome to the Jungle Trailer

Discussion in 'Fantasy Movies' started by heisenberg, Jul 2, 2017.

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    A video game? WTF?
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    What? This is a PERFECT example of when a "re-imagining" does not work. How can it be a video game? The original one was a board game because it was created by some ancient mysterious tribe of somethings somewhere. The drums and the things we saw came from some sort of witchcraft. This one is all wrong as a video game. A video game? And the characters change from the original person to a new character in the game? How the hell does THAT work? Why are there now four main characters?


    Why would this game be created, and where did it get it's enchantment? From a tribe of video game programmers who practice witchcraft or something? I get it that nobody plays board games much these days, but if they were going to re-imagine it, then they should have called it Jumanji and just billed it as a reboot. Why this movie? The original Jumanji was a one-off.
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