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    You may or may not be aware that there is a Christmas Steam sale going on. Anyway I was just browsing a little and to my surprise I discovered a number of quite interesting looking "little" games.

    First one I came across is Poly Bridge. Use engineering skillz (if you have em) to build bridges across gaps and such. If the vehicle can pass over it you win the level. It's quite cheap at the moment too so I couldn't resist and purchased it. Haven't tried it yet but from what I can see and from the positive reviews it's been getting from players I am certain that I will enjoy it. Have a look for yourself.

    Then I discovered that there is a new PORTAL game!!! Well not actually a Portal game, but a mixture between Bridge Constructor and Portal and it has a Portal license. I know, another bridge building game, it really is a major coincidence. Again haven't tried it yet, but it looks as though all the puzzle elements from Portal are there plus the Bridge Constructor elements. I am not familiar with Bridge Constructor though. It's also quite cheap and I couldn't resist purchasing this one either.

    Then there's another game which I haven't purchased (yet) but I could see myself wasting a ton of time on. It's named Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Basically you're a character that instead of legs has a pot at the bottom and you have a long hammer in your hand. Apparently all you can do is move the hammer with the mouse. The objective is to climb a mountain. There is no saved progress. This is a game intentionally built to frustrate. But if you manage to beat it I'm sure you'll get SOOOO much satisfaction out of that.
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