FORTITUDE a quiet and very entertaining show

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    Season 1 of FORTITUDE aired on PIVOT network in america and I think on SKY in britain

    it is a British show-or joint british/norwegian, that is set in the fictional town of Fortitude that is set on the island of Svalbard

    (Svalbard is an interesting place in real life. It is Norwegian soil but is treated almost like an 'open" place with many nations operating research bases and small communities of fishermen there. Russia has mining and research interests on it. One of the UN's world seed banks is located there as well)

    It is a mixed genre with sci-fi, para normal (or the appearance of ), drama, police procedural and just the overall 'craziness' that can set in among a population of ppl living in a place that is almost always covered in white

    S1 was a bit slow and sleepy, but good. I was a little down about its chances of coming back. and the season had a type of finality they do when TPTB's are not sure if they are coming back either

    but nonetheless, it is back!And AMAZON is helping to produce it. It is still a british norwegian production though.

    S2 is much more faster paced and a bit clearer in just where it is going.

    it is a very binge-able show (that was my hipster talk for the day :) )

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