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    Google deserves it's own forum here. It has taken me literally years to finally get what they are trying to do with their product, because they are simply putting the product elements on the table and hoping you will take the time to sample all of the delicious little plates of goodies and help them to see what people like and will use on a regular basis so that it can be monetized later. But this is not a malicious act! Google truly wants it to be a win/win.

    Let me start by saying that I have been a paying Google Apps for Business user for several years now. I pay about $5.00/mo for one user, and strangely enough, Google sometimes refunds me half of that at random times, charging me only about $2.50. I'm not complaining!

    For that, I get a complete browser based Office (Docs, Sheets, Slides), and a cloud based 30GB hard drive (Google Drive). I can use 100% of this from my phone, tablet, or any computer that can run a Google web browser, no matter if it is a Mac, Linux or anything in-between. And you can do pretty much anything you can do in MS Office, and even save your Docs in Word format, Sheets in Excel format and Slides in Powerpoint format. You can also upload documents in those formats and edit them in full 100% compatibility online and then save them back to your hard drive or in your Google Drive space. It is all really quite seamless.

    Then, there is also Gmail which when you have your own domain using it, can have any domain name like and not (provided you own your domain). When you use your own domain, you get a whole bevy of MS Exchange-like features like being able to make distribution groups, have aliases, create and share calendars and contacts between other users you can also create under the domain. This is all seamless with Outlook or Apple Mail with simple sync apps that you can get online free from Google.

    You get Google Hangouts, which allows you to make actual telephone calls to regular phones or other Hangout users, plus video conferencing, SMS and even web-based voicemail with Google Voice! All of this is FREE. Also, when using Hangouts on an Android or Apple phone, the dialer, ringer and calls are separate from your cellular calls. This essentially gives you two lines on your cell, and a real telephone number anyone can dial to reach you on Hangouts.


    So what am I getting at?

    Google, or something very similar to it, is the future. It is a complete digital ecosystem, which has just become independent by starting to offer it's own wireless service. I have said in the past that "Google is Skynet".

    Google is not Skynet. :) It is more like Skynet's good sister, who definitely wants to be a part of your life (whether you like it or not), but is not there to hurt you or take advantage of you, at least not directly. Advertisers will pay Google to expose them to us whenever they can, and we get excellent web-based Google apps to keep us in the Google ecosystem. But you will never see ads in your Google Apps programs, or your Google Drive space or any of your private account areas. You can even turn off ads in the public areas.

    Then, there is the just plain cool stuff on Google, like Google Maps which responds to your voice by simply hitting the microphone button in the search box and saying "take me to the nearest pizza place", or "take me home without using freeways", or "find the cheapest gas within 2 miles"


    Google Earth which provides a way to fly all over the world in an instant, explore from the air or even on VR (using a VR headset).


    And more recently, there is now Google Assistant, which is going to eat Amazon Alexa's lunch in terms of saturation, at least when all is said and done. Amazon is always going to be trying to sell you something as retail, and Google is only going to be allowing advertisers to be exposed to you, on YOUR terms. Here is a YouTube video on Assistant. Oh, that's right, YouTube is also Google!

    So, I open this thread and profess my undying love for all things Google because:


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