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As we all know, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the latest cinematic chapter in the Star Wars saga. After the three classic original films we had the prequels which were to me three of the worst movies ever made. And of course there was the literary world of the EU which ran the gamut from good to appalling in quality, the video games, toys, merchandise and so forth. It was against this backdrop that Disney bought Lucasfilm with the intent of moving the Star Wars franchise back into active status. And after a long and in spots controversial process the end product is now in theatres.

So, how is it?

The Plot

The story is interesting in that it is both simple but there is depth in the right places. It also knows well what to explain and what can be left to the imagination. As a result, it is focused and not difficult to follow. As reviews in the media have said it resembles the plot for the Original Star Wars but only in more general terms – it is far from a copy/remake.

It is in this plot that one can see the results of a decision made by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy that instantly perked up the Star Wars fan community; bringing in Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark) to both co-author the script and make sure the end product had the correct plot threads and elements to be “Star Wars”. All of the plot elements in the film fit perfectly into the Star Wars “canon”, the characters and their dialogue are right and so forth.

Part of the plot of course is the characters and how they are drawn. And they are overall drawn well. Some characters that people expected to get more time were only there briefly (Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron). This was part of keeping the story focused on three of the new characters (Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren) plus Han Solo. Leia and other OT characters were present but more background. And like I said, they were sufficiently well drawn to let...
Dirt Bikes, hull "eating" somethings, and Kirk alien chic shipping (?)



Judging by who is in charge, I doubt our trekkers/Trekkies wil be happy :lol:
Let's use this as the general discussion thread for TWD Season 6.

Eugene as gate guard was pretty comical. He just lets complete strangers in. And man, this dialogue is stilted.

The pacing is still sluggish but not horribly slow. But the directorial style in this episode is baffling - it has stuff happening with no order or context so it feels like a montage of random scenes and not a story. I don't think this show is the proper place for Quentin Tarantino non-linear storytelling.

On the other hand, it does look like they actually are speaking to "where did all the people go" and we actually are seeing a somewhat intelligent approach to the superherd - use their attraction to sounds to draw them away from Alexandria.

In other events, Tara just appeared out of nowhere and also we got background on Morgan. And Rick put down an attempted coup with a ridiculous trope line "Do you know who you're dealing with?". Given the way Rick flips from weepy EMO to psycho to almost reasonable with no reason for it the coup leader probably DIDN'T know who he was dealing with.
Apologies for the typo. The thread title should read: Fear the Walking Dead. At any rate, the spin-off from AMC's The Walking Dead premieres tonight. I'm sure that you, gentle reader, are (like moi) as moist as a snack cake in anticipation of experiencing this cinematic masterpiece. It's sure to be an evolutionary change in television viewing experiences.

That said, it sounds like this spin-off is going to be as much of a post-apocalyptic drag as its progenitor is. This comes as no surprise to any of us here, but if it turns out to be anything like the Forbes review then it is truly disappointing. I admit to being perpetually optimistic that the producers of interesting premises, like a zombie apocalypse, will learn from their mistakes in past productions and take steps to correct them the next time out. But from what I gather from the review of the pilot of FtWD they haven't learned a damn thing. I honestly hope the reviewer of the pilot s wrong because I truly want an interesting, exciting story to sink my teeth into. So, naive fool that I am, I will get my hopes up and tune into the pilot tonight. Wish me luck. ;)

Check out the Forbes review below. Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers, unless of course you call pointing out that nothing much happens in the first hour except for giving some annoying, whining teens the spotlight a "spoiler", then yeah, the show will be ruined for you. :P
Lets hope it is more 12 MONKEYS then DEFIANCE

the trailer reminds me a bit of BABYLON 5 --but don't know if they are on a space station or what...

hope it is worth waiting for

There needed to be a thread which talks about the movie itself. Not the trailers or spinoff movies, but the movie itself. Here it is! Having said that, the release date for the movie is December 18th, 2015.

Will it be good, bad or meh?

I don't get the concept of how the TPTB's think we are going to "buy" the idea that an earthbound human who uses tech-Batman-can take on and effect an alien who is seemingly impervious to anything the Earth has to offer against him

But anyhow---the trailer looks cool

and is this Batman a continuation of the Dark Knight Batman or his "replacement" or just a brand new start?

IMO it would be a mistake to make a new start since the DARK KNIGHT trilogy did very well and established a non comic bookish, non freakish batman who uses physical trng and advanced tech to become a "superhero" versus being an alien or an accident,etc
I actually have seen a couple of episodes of this now, and cheap as it is (and it is a cheap looking show with a cast that are all unknowns) it is quite a bit better than The Walking Dead.


First, things actually happen. This show moves along and does not wallow in EMO character stuff. Characters die, new ones come and go and so on.

Second, even with a brisk pace the characters still have some depth. For example, Citizen Z is a classic nerd but last night's episode had him suffering from a touch of isolation dementia. It gave him more depth.

Third, their zeds follow consistent rules. They tend to move in giant herds and even head for warmer climates in winter. They are viral zombies and they even have a character named Murphy who is immune (sort of) to the virus. The plot at present centers around trying to get Murphy across the country to the last remaining biolab.

Fourth, just better written. Yesterday's episode both reinforced what a piece of crap Murphy is (showing a zed where to find it's still living but hiding family) but also showing where he did it so he could plunder the family's stores of water to get to his group who were suffering from dehydration. And, because Murphy was infected but did not turn he can walk around the zeds and they sense the virus in him and treat him as one of their own. It's handled well.

That said, the show screams "I am made on a small budget". And not all the tongue in cheek humor hits its mark. But overall it is way better than TWD - it is pure schlock, it knows it is and it revels in it.